Ron de VosDrs. Ron de Vos MBA was born and bred in Amsterdam. After pre-university education he went into military service. In 1979 he was trained for military deployment in South-Lebanon as a conscript and became a commander of two posts. When he returned he studied sociology in the Netherlands and business administration in England; in addition he did studies in the fields of performance management, management science and HRM.

At the present he stills works for the government, he is married with four children.

Ron de Vos wrote:

Patrol to the north border of Israel
In the late seventies, an incredibly complicated situation in Lebanon posed a serious threat to world peace. The United Nations decided to form a peace force: UNIFIL, the United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon.
UNIFIL duties were to arrange the retreat of the Israeli army, to restore peace and safety, and to help the Lebanese government to regain power in the south. The Blue Berets of Dutch, Irish, Fijian’s, Ghanaians, Nepalese, Nigerians, Norwegians, supported by Swedish doctors, Italian helicopter pilots, and French logistic experts, were assigned that task.
When Ron de Vos turned eighteen, he was called up for military service. From one day to the next he was designated as UN military and sent to Lebanon: an experience that would change his life forever.
In Patrol to the north border of Israel you really experience what it’s like to be sent on a peace mission. Ron de Vos makes you realize how it can change and even take a life.
Patrol to the north border of Israel is accurate and realistic. It makes the life of a UN soldier as well as world politics accessible to a major public. Ron de Vos isn’t looking for someone to blame—he just wants you to know …

Patrol to the north border of Israel

Publisher: Lemmens
ISBN: 978-90-77490-15-0
Price EU € 19,95
Outside EU $ 27,70
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